Serious High-tech Business from our Island paradise

Here’s an interesting Times Colonist article on the state of the Greater Victoria high-tech sector.

Quester Tangent – a 30-year-old Victoria company that makes diagnostic monitoring units for rail systems – made the Victoria Advanced Technology Council (VIATec) Top-25 list this year.  COO Bill Collins says:

 “I think it shows them what’s possible, what can be done from Victoria. It shows you can be a globally dominant player from the Island in that you don’t have to move or chase money in other cites — it increases the ambition for people.”

This is definitely consistent with my experience as an Island-based provider of Business Technology solutions. Most of my business is off-Island and even out of province. I can grab a flight out of Victoria or Nanaimo when necessary, but most of the time it’s phone, email or video conferencing. Don’t assume you have to leave the Island to be credible in high-tech business. More and more, we can do it all right here from our Island paradise.