Fall 2015 WBDK Application Developer Courses

We are please to partner with CGI to offer a series of five-day Wealthview Banking Developers Kit (WBDK) Application Developer courses through September and October 2015.

The Level 1 course focuses on the key aspects of programming in WBDK for developers with some coding experience. Topics include:

  • WBDK Terminology, High-level Architecture
  • Development Environment
  • Triggers, Periodic
  • Remote Database Functions (Q-Calls)
  • Listings, Actions
  • Designer
  • Gateways
  • Importing/Exporting Data
  • Macros, Debugging
  • Time Relationships
  • Joint Relationships

The Level 2 course takes students deeper into the more challenging areas of programming in WBDK, such as Advanced Client/Server, Advanced Database I/O and buffer management, Temporal Integrity and Application Inheritance.

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Wealthview Banking and Wealthview Banking Developers Kit are Trademarks of FISERV Inc.