Exciting News! ONLINE WBDK Developer Courses coming soon

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news … our popular WBDK Application Developer courses and certification programs are coming soon via onlinedelivery.  We will tentatively run the Application Developer Level 1 course in Spring 2017, followed by Level 2 in Summer 2017. The WBDK Application Developer Certification Exam is expected to run in Fall 2017.

We have started accepting enrollment in the first Level 1 cohort, tentatively scheduled for June 2017. Enrollment is limited – call or email soon to secure a place for your team members.

Being able to wrap my mind around the client / server architecture and when to use q calls vs direct server calls will improve my code significantly. – Level 1 classroom participant

ONLINE dev Level 1


You did a great job trying to reach everybody that was taking the course even though there was a variance in the level of exposure they had to WBDK – It was great to be able to learn about all the things that WBDK does for you “behind the scenes” and how useful it really is for banking applications. – Level 1 classroom participant


I can’t pick a favorite part – it was actually all good although I’ll never forget the conversation about letting DK work it’s magic. Truly excellent! – Level 2 classroom participant


Mike’s teaching style promotes us discovering the answers for ourselves rather than having it dictated to us. We are taught to go to the Help document frequently and look for other examples of how a problem was solved. We often collaborate as a group coming to the best possible solution to a problem, not just one that works. I also really appreciated how closely we looked at steps in the process especially accruals and activity/integrity, peeling back the “magic”. – Level 2 classroom participant